DIY Statement Earrings Instructions

Welcome to OWLTOPUS DIY Acrylic Statement Earrings
Let's create what you want!
There are 16 style variations to pick from. 
1st Step - Let's pick your pieces!
*Double your quantities to make a pair of matching earrings*
You can choose stud tops, hooks, or clip ons. 
2nd tier
3rd tier
4th tier
Jump Rings
You will need 6 jump rings for each earring,12 total. Pick from silver or gold tone stainless steel.
Select paint options for engraved patterns. 
You can mix or make ombre gradient with your paints while they are still wet.
2nd Step - Paint
Leave your masking on your pieces to act as a stencil for filling in your paints. Shake paint pens with top on. Push pen onto scrap paper to get paint flowing.
For scored grid pieces it can be easier to remove the masking 1st and directly paint onto the pieces with at least 2 coats between drying.
Paint your engraves. You want a medium coat with not too much overflow.
You can do one coat or more if you'd like. OWLTOPUS tends to do 2 coats. Allow coats to dry between. Paint dries within 3-5 minutes. 
3rd Step - Peel Porn! Unmasking
Once your paint is all dry it's time it unmask your pieces. Use a plastic razor blade scraper to scrap at an angle to get the masking going. You can use the razor to do the whole job, or once lifted peel the rest yourself. If you don't mind using your fingernails those are great peeling tools too!
Don't forget to peel the masking on the backs of your pieces too.
4th Step -  Clean Up
Time to clean up your pieces. Use Novus acrylic spray & your cloth to clean up any leftover paint on your pieces. Just spray on your cloth & use some elbow grease. If any paint has come off you can add more & do touch ups. Don't forget to check for paint on your sides too. To clean your earrings at home, please use soap & warm water. Chemicals such as alcohol can weaken your acrylic. I love using baby wipes.
5th Step - Assemble!
Now it's time to put your earrings together. You'll need two pairs of needle nose pliers to open each jump ring. Do not pull the jump rings away from each other versus back & forth. Use the same technique to close your jump rings. Make sure your pieces are all showing front facing as you put them together. 
6th Step - Look HELLA GOOD in your new DIY OWLTOPUS earrings! 
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Thanks for creating what you want with us!